Oxi2 peluqueros


The Brand identity for hairdressers with their own style

Jesica Florentino, founder of Oxi2 Peluqueros, contacted Magheq Studio to develop the redesign of her brand, a new beauty salon experience. With an interior design project created by Globarq. Located in the Modern Center of the city, in Adán Marín Street, Tower II, in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

With the design of the store in operation, Oxi2 needed a new image. Magheq Studio will be responsible for creating a visual identity for the hairdressing salon, as well as creating the unity and fusion between the design of the salon and the new brand, with a fresh and fresh air, in addition to the use of natural products in the salon, They invite to the fact by hand and personalized treatment.
The logo is based on the use of handwritten typography with the artistic touch, with that brushstroke of watercolor, which transports us to the natural dyes used in the room. Finally we used,  the slogan “Belleza Consciente”, (Conscious Beauty) unifies that personalized feeling.

The design of the packaging of sale products was an extension of the design of the store. A recycled packaging was created, using the brand as a great seal with the Oxi2 logo.

Project details: