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The team of Zava Gestión Integral, real estate located in La Laguna – Tenerife, proposes us to carry out a marketing campaign both in social networks and in the area where the office of this young and dynamic team is located, with a graphic line for their social networks. They come to our agency, to be able to create this project.


It is proposed, the presentation of a new member to the team, with which we take advantage of to present them to all during the two months of campaign individually in networks and in teams in a large fence of 8 x 3 meters, located in the northern airport area, They also wanted to have a slogan of their own, to define their team.

Nuestra pasión, Tú solución… #viveloconilusion

The presence on the Internet is key to raising the focus of the campaign, creating excitement among followers of social networks, Facebook and Instagram.


With content marketing, it is defined as a type of marketing that involves the creation and exchange of online material (such as videos, blogs and social media publications) that is not explicitly promoted by a brand, but is intended to stimulate interest in your products or services. This content market strategy generates valuable conversations between the business and prospective buyers, building a list of sales opportunities and creating a sense of enthusiasm about their projects.

What customers really want

This knowledge about the effectiveness of digital marketing represents a rapidly changing market that is now more oriented to purchase based on relationships and added value instead of “direct selling”.

Given the competitive nature of the market, direct selling is no longer an effective marketing tool, but customers seek to buy from companies that can offer them the greatest value, even before attempting to make a sale.

In the current real estate market, potential buyers may be overwhelmed by the choice and concern that they will not get good value for money, that is why smart property commercials focus on building relationships, educating and building trust with Buyers first, to help them feel comfortable with their purchase decision later.

Through effective storytelling and relationship building, marketers must now focus on how they can empower their potential buyers while still offering a transparent and excellent customer service that builds trust between the brand and the customer.

How to give customers what they want?

By working together with the content of social networks they connect companies with a highly specific group: people in their target age group, earn more than a certain threshold, live in a certain area or are interested in buying or selling properties, where brands can begin to establish more and more relationships, adding value to these specific people.

Now that buyers are looking for potential online property purchases, it can be difficult for marketers to make their project stand out, but through the intelligent use of social media, marketers can create useful content that is directly targeted to their target market. This is the first step to build a relationship with them and position your brand / project in a transparent and reliable way.

Through the intelligent use of social networks and content in them, companies can more effectively nurture their potential customers through their sales funnel while focusing on creating relationships and adding value, which translates to customers Warmer potentials and a better return on investment.


· Zava has seen the popularity of its brand multiply by 3 on the internet.

· Active followers in networks and traffic to the web.

· New contacts and collaborations with real estate agencies.



Project details:
  • Client: Zava Gestió Integral
  • Project Started: July 01, 2018
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